For Over 100 Years...We have been helping you improve your image and sell your products!

Marekting Through Promotional Items

Francis & Lusky / HALO has been a family owned company now for over 100 years specializing in promotinoal products and corporate apparel designed to:

• Inspire Employees

• Promote the Values of Your Organization

• Keep Existing Customers

• Generate Sales

Marketing Through Custom Design

BluSky Design is here to help guide you through the design process by:

• Establish and Maintain Your Business ID

• Provide Clear Messaging For Your Business

• Modify or Improve Your Current Design Look

Our Advantage


Providing Local Service With a National Reach

One Stop for Both

Product Ideas and

Custom Design

Help Establish and Maintain Your

Brand Identity With Creative Solutions

What Does Marketing Really Mean?

Simply put, marketing is anything you or your employees do that affects other people’s view of your business            – Andrew Lock

Being a marketer means that your primary role is to promote and sell your products or services, regardless of your profession. Whether you're an insurance salesperson, plumber, electrician, lawyer or any other profession, every aspect of your work - from how you interact with customers, to the appearance of your work truck and how you deliver products - is a form of marketing.

Here is How We Can Help